I started back in Phoenix Martial Arts in the late end of 2010. I began in the MMA. During my time, I wanted to learn practical self defence whilst getting fit.

I later developed a keen interest in the Hapkido because it was a traditional martial art that I wanted to progress in. Phoenix Martial Arts provides great technical teaching whilst also having the traditional aspects that is often lost in other schools.

It is truely amazing with the huge pool of knowledge that I have gained over the last 2 years and it's just the tip of the iceberg. Despite being in the young stages and development as a Hapkidoist, there is no other place I want to get my black belt.

Not only is Phoenix Martial Arts a school, but it is a family and second home I always love coming back to. Phoenix Martial Arts instills what it means to be a martial artist whilst keeping the traditional aspects of martial arts and having practical applications.

Jack Tran (Adults Hapkido, Adult Gongkwon Yusul)


To Sir,

Thankyou for being the best Hapkido instructor in the galaxy. Luck there is only one of you.

Jett (Juniors Hapkido)


Many thanks to you Peter for looking after the boys! There has been a big positive change in the three of them and I know it's from your help and guidance. Looking forward to another year!

Thanks again

Lorraine, Vinie, Ruairi & Kelan (Juniors Hapkido, Little Phoenix Hapkido)


A great place with an awesome instructor, I highly recommend training here at one of the best martial art gym in sydney.

Colin J Brown (Capital Hapkido Canberra)


Instructor Peter teaches me something new every time I meet him. Wealth of knowledge from a very humble and generous teacher :)

Anthony Repice (Giant Martial Arts)


Master kiss is a greater teacher! Has a world of info!!!

Mozza (Adults Gongkwon Yusul)