Weight Loss & Wellness


I'd like this opportunity to welcome everyone to our new and exciting health, wellness and weight loss program.
If you are looking to lose weight, get healthy and before you make the new years resolution then you need to come see us. We've got a proven wellness system, which when coupled with our fitness programs have given some great results for our members.
Each program is individually catered for each person's needs and goals.
So if you're looking to lose those extra kilos, get healthy or kickstart the new year full of energy. Then come try our program that uses only real food in controlled proportions that won't leave you feeling hungry or with cravings.
How you get started?
It's very simple these three basic steps:
1. Speak to one of our qualified coaches or come visitor us at the Phoenix Martial Arts Centre.
2. Have an individually customised program prepared for you.
3. Get moving!
"Hi, my name is Maria and I am 46 years of age.
I used to get extreme headaches regularly and my neck and shoulder would become very stiff but I never did anything about it. Also my energy levels were like a seesaw and having an 8 year old daughter you need all the oomph you can get.
It was after my mother died in 2010 of heart failure and my father being a diabetic and having a number of other health problems, that I decided that I didn't want to go through what my parents have and are going through.
When I was introduced to the program by Peter and Penina, I decided to give it a try. Following the program (not fully) together with a number of exercises I lost 8 kilos in 6 weeks!
Now I don't get many headaches, I have more energy than before, I feel more relaxed and good with myself.
I am also very surprised as I have tried a number of other programs where I would lose some weight but not long after I would gain it back.
The program has taught me how to get back on track whenever I start feeling that little naughty and a bit out of control.
My favourite part of the program is when I feel hungry or feel like something sweet (as I have a very sweet tooth), I can have a protein bar without feeling guilty. They are soooooo nice.
Thank you Peter & Penina"
Maria, 8kgs in 6 weeks
Hi my name is Peter and I have tried a number of programs in the past but found that none of them kept the weight off! I would yo-yo because most of them either used the latest powder, shake or pill, I was left feeling tired, hungry and not very motivated as the results weren't that great. After a lot of research I had come across this program that used real food as the base. I don't feel hungry or tired and the program is very forgiving. It taught me how to take control and adjust as I need it. This program taught me that correct eating or dieting is NOT an event! It's a lifestyle. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to get rid of those unwanted kgs or wanting to get better all round health.
Thanks to my coach Penina for keeping my on track and helping me reach my goal!
Peter, 10kgs in 6 weeks
Hi there,
I wanted to share with you my experience on this program.
I was on the weightloss and wellness program for 2 full cycles and lost 10kgs in total. My weight always yo-yos and I have tried my fair share of diets. I always found that as soon as I lost the weight and stopped, I gained all the weight back on and more. What I love about the program is that it has taught me how to control my weight and I'm really enjoying my new eating habits. I can still have foods that I love but don't gain any weight.
I have since kept the weight off for 4-5 months and feel great. I also have IBS which I was hospitalized for 2 years ago. It has since disappeared once I started the program.
Thank you for introducing me to this fabulous program, and am now enjoying sharing my knowledge with others so I can also help change their lives.
Maria T, 10kgs in 12 weeks