Mixed Martial Arts Cardio & Combatives

Gongkwon Yusul

is an art dedicated to developing practical fighting and self defence skills. It encompasses skills at all ranges, including punching, kicking, elbows, knees, throwing, takedowns, ground striking and grappling: all of which are intended to be applied in practical, free-flowing situations.

Gongkwon Yusul combines the effective, practical self-defence techniques often seen in sport focused “mixed martial arts” (MMA), while maintaining traditional philosophies such as respect for others, personal development and combative (non-sporting) techniques.

The most distinctive aspect of Gongkwon Yusul, and what has seemed to have captured so much international attention is its approach to contact sparring where takedown and groundwork techniques are seamlessly integrated with stand-up fighting skills.

Australia was one of the first countries to offer Gongkwon Yusul outside of Korea, and has since continued to have strong ties with the Korean Gongkwon Yusul Federation, and its founder, Master Kang Jun. Master Kang has visited Australia on a number of occasions, to run seminars and black belt gradings. In fact, the first ever black belt grading outside of Korea was held in Australia!