Kummooyeh(Kumdo) is a unique Korean sword martial art developed from the ancient elite warrior class who dedicated their lives to the study of martial arts and the protection of their country.

The techniques of Kummooyeh are a modern adaptation of sword techniques described in a Korean text Mu Yea Do Bo Tong Ji (comprehensive illustrated manual of martial arts) and the amalgamation of techniques from other Korean martial arts. The techniques and movements of Kummooyeh are beautiful and dynamic, with a balance of speed, power and accuracy and oneness with Body, Mind and Spirit.

Grand Master Hyun Kyoo Jang, the president of the Australian Kummooyeh Association has introduced a unique systemic teaching structure to enable all students of the sword to develop all the aspects of a good sword warrior. This includes Medition, Patterns, Basic’s techniques, Cutting, Sparring patterns and Sparring, Blunt Metal swords, real swords and archery. Each element of this training system develops all the elements of a complete martial arts sword master.